Summer You Can Shake On
Welcome to the home of BUBBA RUB. A spicy blend that is excellent on any type of meat. We hope you will take a moment ot look around. Bubba Rub is a Potamess Product. To see other Potamess Products please visit www.Potamess.net

To use BUBBA RUB apply it liberally to the meat of your choice 10 to 15 minutes before cooking. You may leave it at room temperature or, if you wish to let it set longer, refrigerate.

We have tried BUBBA RUB on just about every type and cut of meat we could. We first tried it on a pork loin that we smoked. Then we used BUBBA RUB on steaks and chicken both in the smoker and on the grill. I don't always like to grill or smoke so I tried it in the oven. It worked well under the broiler on fish and on baked chicken. I used it on chicken that I cooked in a teflon skillet with good results as well. I even used it on steaks in the George Foreman grill. I have yet to find a way that did not work.
Mix a couple of Tablespoons of BUBBA RUB in your ground beef next time you are going to make hamburgers. You may want to sprinkle more of it on the meat as well.
Peel and devain some shrimp, shake them in a bag with some
BUBBA RUB and place in a grill basket over medium coals. Add a salad, some bread or pasta, and supper is ready.
Bubba (no Gump) Shrimp
Try BUBBA RUB on corn. Grilled, roasted, or microwaved. Just sprinkle it on before cooking (or after with the butter).
My friends who are vegetarians think BUBBA RUB is excellent on steamed or stir fried vegetables. I have even added it to potato salad.
Try a sprinkle on popcorn!
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